Fotki XP Publishing Wizard

Fotki XP Publishing Wizard 1.0

A free XP add-on that eases the process of uploading images to Fotki
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Fotki XP Publishing Wizard is an add-on for Windows XP that eases the process of uploading images to Fotki, a popular online service dedicated to sharing images among users.
This Fotki add-on creates a new destination in the Windows Web Publishing Wizard. This tool can be accessed from the menu that appears when opening the “My Documents/My Pictures” folder: there you will find an option saying "Publish this file on the web". This is a shortcut to the Web Publishing Wizard available in Windows, a tool that allows you to upload images to an Internet server. What this add-on will do is include Fotki as a supported service provider, making it much easier for you to upload and share your photographs without opening any other application.

Once Fotki XP Publishing Wizard has been installed, you can click on a picture (or on a selected group of pictures), choose Fotki as your service supplier, and after a quick validation of your Fotki account, the files will be uploaded right into the Fotki album of your choice. A very handy way of adding new photographs to your account.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It is free
  • It provides a handy way of uploading photos to your Fotki album


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